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    You know that feeling, you land in a country like a fish out of water and know it’ll be years before you’re as savvy as a local. Well fast-forward kookyflower and check out the places, people and products that I think make Copenhagen a cool place to live and love.

    Of course you’ll eventually come up with your own wish list of fave things, but why not free up your find and seek hours so you can spend more time experiencing the really cool things that Copenhagen has to offer... right now, even if you’re only here for a weekend.

    You can also read my whimsical musings on Danish culture and what it means to be a Dane – from the outside in!

    So sit back, pour yourself a schnapps, and enjoy the read. Then get yourself a klippekort or jump on a bike, and do it like a local!

Shaken not stirred… Copenhagen style

Copenhagen’s cocktail scene has experienced a vigorous shake-up in recent years. The new crop of bars now mixes cool with cosy, sleek with sexy in such unabashed luxury that you’ll be wishing for your own Groundhog Day. But the opulence doesn’t stop at the decor, the drink combinations are so exquisitely mastered, so wondrously intoxicating that you’ll … Continue reading

The advent of Christmas

I’m not hitting the panic button just yet, but there’s no doubt that the countdown to Christmas has already begun. With shopping streets now proudly displaying their twinkly illuminations and shops increasingly adorning their windows with an assortment of baubles and tinsel, I’m determined that this time I will be prepared. And with that mainstay … Continue reading

For the love of beer

When I start seeing bunny girls wearing teeny-weeny blue polka dot outfits complete with fur trim cavorting with their equally blue but evidently less alluring male counterparts, I can almost hear bells jingle. What started in 1990 as a clever marketing campaign by Carlsberg to give away free beer on the last Friday in October, … Continue reading

Strike a pose… DK style

I’m all for international brands going about their global business if it means I can get my hands on a much-desired object in my home town. But I’m not going to be hoodwinked into believing that what I get is something exclusive, as much as these brands will have you believe. Yeah right… me and … Continue reading

Beginning with a capital C

‘Wonderful Copenhagen’. It’s practically the first thing you notice as you step into Kastrup’s shrine to Danish design, unashamedly sprawled across the airport’s walls and billboards with bold promises of a memorable escapade. Yes it’s cheesy, but luckily it is what it says on the packet, and I’m not blagging. Having lived in the Danish … Continue reading

Hunting in Jægersborggade

This little nook in Copenhagen’s cranny is a pearl of a street. Jægersborggade is up north in Nørrebro, a neighbourhood considered to be dodgy, unsafe even, but that would be scare mongering. It is however what the locals would have you believe, and who would blame them, anything to keep the edgy in and the … Continue reading

Westend girl

Moving to Copenhagen I travelled north, then turned west. As a Londoner it amuses me to have ended up living on a street called Westend, so evocative of bright lights and heady nights in 80s London where I spent many a crazy night during my misspent youth. I feel lucky in that Westend can be found off Vesterbrogade, … Continue reading

Happy for hygge

Despite having a difficult-to-pronounce language, hygge is straight to the point. Think ‘hug’ and you’re already half way there. Even though it’s easy to pronounce, ask any Dane what hygge means and you’ll invariably get a long-winded and complex explanation, suggesting it’s something you experience but impossible to express. And rightly so as it embodies … Continue reading

V for Værnedamsvej

This is as close as you get to Paris without getting your feet wet. I cut my teeth in this quartier and still love it for its laid back ambience and café culture à la française. The French international school is on Værnedamsvej and so it has become the epicentre of all things French. It’s … Continue reading

One woman and her dog

The hot dog is so deeply embedded in Danish culture that unless you’ve had ketchup smeared across your face and remoulade dripping from your chin you have no idea how delightfully comforting the humble pølse can be. Streak it with all four sauces and stack the fresh and crispy fried onions and gherkins. Don’t be shy, … Continue reading

What goes round…

It would be impossible to talk about Copenhagen without a thumbs up for its network of designated cycle paths that crisscross its pretty streets. It’s really the only way to travel, getting you quickly and safely from Amager to Vesterbro while saving you a lot of time and krone, and giving you a heads up as you … Continue reading

Food matters

You’d be forgiven if you thought you were entering a design emporium. Yep, even food in its most naked form should be appreciated in typical Copenhagen fashion – not bad for an indoor food market. But it’s more than that, Torvehallerne is an entry point into the New Nordic cuisine that everyone in the culinary … Continue reading

Schools out… forever

Oh what a glorious day! You’re 18. You feel like you’ve worked all your life for this moment, which in many respects you have, and here you are standing on the brink of adult life full of expectation and boisterous energy, and without a care in the world – well maybe tinged with a sense of … Continue reading

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